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“We recently completed production of a low-budget feature film in Cape Town, utilizing the production services of DO Productions. We could not have been more pleased. The entire staff were consummate professionals, anticipating our every need and providing the level of service we would have expected on a much larger production. We cannot say enough good things about DO Productions and unconditionally recommend them for both local and foreign producers that seek resourceful, hands-on professionals to guide all of their film production requirements. The fact that they came in under budget is icing on the cake.”


- Stephen Hays, Executive Producer, 120db films: ‘419’

“Working as a DOP on a feature with DO Productions gave me assurance I was in good hands. I was supported by production throughout the pre-production and filming process without feeling any pressure to push forward. Inconveniences were managed immediately and in a highly professional way. Lastly, a big thank you for recommending a very professional crew.”


- Enzo Brandner: DOP: Rote Sonne Afrika

“It was a wonderful and thrilling experience to work in Cape Town, South Africa with DO Productions on our project RED SUN OF AFRICA. From setting up a wonderful team, finding the best locations to shoot, all organised in such a professional way adding production value. Marlow, Brigid and their team are reliable hands-on producers and partners to have while shooting in a foreign country. Would love to work with them again.”


- Eva Holtmann, Producer: Rote Sonne Afrika

“Shooting between South Africa and Mozambique presented some serious logistical challenges but DO Productions handled this with skill and efficiency and we were all very pleased with the end result. Given the smooth running of the production, we look forward to working with them again in the future. ”


- Ronald Mühlfellner, Producer: Kennedy's Brain

“I have said this before but I cannot resist the temptation to express my gratitude for what you have done for Tirza.  Your love for the project and the flawless logistical operation enhanced the quality of the film far beyond my expectations. You have managed to surround me with a fabulous crew that gave me confidence and creativity.  It gave us wings and we could really go to the edge. I am grateful for your courage, your confidence, loyalty and determination to give me whatever I needed to achieve what we wanted, and more. These are my last words from Walvis Bay, but I can only say; ‘let's DO it again.’ ”


- Rudolf Van Den Berg, Director: Tirza

“Just sent a note off to my reps about how well done and delightful this all was. You should be so proud of what you do, and the way you do it. Been such a real pleasure ... All of it! Thanks for all again, and I can't wait to get back to you ... ”


- Jim Brolin, Actor: Lost City Raiders

“DO Productions’ sophisticated expertise, extensive local knowledge and the ability to offer a turnkey solution is what makes them not merely a production service company, but a partner in ones endeavour. When we found ourselves in crisis management mode, I felt we had support and a great team to fall back on. Delivering this project was always going to be a challenge, all expectations have been exceeded. Thanks to DO.”

- Sias Wilson, Line Producer: To Be First Wall to Wall Media, UK

“DO Productions are the best - everyone says was great to have the opportunity to find out for myself. One production serviced by DO down, and I'm very much looking forward to my next.”

- Simon Chinn, Producer: To Be First Wall to Wall Media, UK

“Back in London, I'm slightly wondering whether it was all a dream it went so smoothly! I'm sure you had your hard patches but you managed it all so well it was invisible to me. For a director that's the best of all worlds - you made my work so much easier. You assembled a fantastic team, their dedication, good humour and talent was a real spur. All in all it made Cape Town the best place to come and shoot - so thank you again.”

- Christopher Spencer, Director: Sinking the Lusitania Darlow Smithson Productions, UK

“Based on our experience, it will truly always be a pleasure to work with DO Productions."

- Klaus Spinnler, Line Producer, Traumhotel Afrika Lisa Film, Austria

“Working with DO Productions has been a great pleasure. We experienced the company as a reliable, transparent, hands-on producer whom we could trust fully and the overall experience was an excellent one.”

- Sabine Müller, Executive Producer: Konig Otto Cologne Gemini Film, Germany

“Not only did you handle difficult situations with professional skill due to your long experience, but also managed to stay within budget, giving us more freedom in post-production.”

- Jürgen Biefang, Producer: Malunde Traumwerk, München, Germany

“DO Productions played an instrumental role in the success of our production and their professionalism and efficiency made it pleasure to work with them.”

- Jonathan Taylor, Producer, Bunim/Murray Productions, California, USA

“During our years of association, DO Productions have always delivered on time and on budget, conducting business with integrity and responsibility.”

- Danny Lerner, President Production. Nu Image, Los Angeles, USA

“After The Rain is my seventh film as a producer. I’ve made pictures with larger budgets, some with smaller but never had one that went as smoothly as this one.”

- Paige Simpson, Executive Producer: After The Rain Bright Angel Productions Inc., New York, USA

“DO Productions did a wonderful job… including putting together a first class crew and creating a pleasant, industrious and in every way excellent day to day working atmosphere.”

- David Korda, President Capella Films Inc. Beverly Hills, CA, USA

“The last word is for DO Productions which I call CAN DO PRODUCTION”

- David Worth, Director: Shark Attack II, USA

“This is probably the smoothest production I’ve ever been on and I’ve worked with the best in Hollywood.”

- Neal Nordlinger, Producer, LA

“I have known Brigid Olën and Marlow de Mardt for about fifteen years. In every case, their work has been exemplary and of the highest professional standard. They have also brought great creativity to bear on each production.”

- Stanley Roup Entertainment Guarantors (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

“DO Productions has an enviable record in the film industry for ethical dealing and providing outstanding service.”

- Hanlie Carstens - Managing Director, CGM Insurance Brokers, South Africa

“There is a joie de vivre about this South African crew. They’re very talented and I sense a genuine happiness in the fact that they are working in film. It really opens your eyes working in South Africa and reminds me of my own enthusiasm when I started in the business.”

- Michael Shanks, Lead Actor: Sumuru Canada

“Brigid was enthusiastic and brought a whole lot of talent to the project. They did terrific work creating something far more than what the money in the budget suggests.”

- Balthasar von Weymarn, Development Manager: Sumuru Tandem Communications, Germany

“The South African crew were very focused and there was a real spirit of brotherhood on this film. It has been a happy experience for me, for which I am grateful to Brigid.”

- José Pinheiro, Director: Le Lion France

“Brigid Olën and Marlow de Mardt are two of South Africa’s leading film producers and with their company, DO Productions, have developed an outstanding international reputation as skilled and reliable film-makers. With a long history in the South African film industry, Brigid and Marlow are real hands-on film producers, with in-depth experience in the areas of budgets and management. They are also producers who have sophisticated expertise with film financing and co-productions and are particularly knowledgeable of the various opportunities available to film-makers in South Africa. DO Productions is not merely a production service company. Brigid and Marlow are excellent film producers and worthy partners of anyone considering filming in South Africa. They with their partnership in Table Mountain Motion Picture Studios are valuable assets of the South African film industry. Film Finances, which also has a long history in South Africa, would enthusiastically support Brigid Olën’s and Marlow de Mardt’s participation on any film project requiring a completion bond from this company.”

- Michael Murphey – Completion Bond Representative Film Finances, South Africa

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