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DO Malta

DO has partnered with Andre Loggenberg who has been involved in over 50 international films and series in the past 15 years, ever since relocating to South Africa. Together they established DO Productions Malta in an effort to expand its vision to bring forth new and exciting opportunities. 

Malta’s strong 40% cash rebate incentive for audio-visual productions has taken yet another bold step forward. 


A new hybrid above-the-line cap has been introduced, giving more incentive to local and foreign productions shooting on the islands. Eligible ATL expenditures will now be capped at either €1 million or 30% of total Malta eligible spend, whichever is the higher. Below the line expenditures is no longer limited to EU/EEA/UK nationals. Foreign crew from all over the world will now qualify for the cash rebate.

The minimum spend in Malta must be €100,000, with an overall budget that exceeds €200,000. Low-budget productions that have limited distribution prospects, and works with a high creative risk are limited to a minimum spend of €50,000, with an overall budget that exceeds €100,000. 


Foreign companies that qualify for the rebate, should agree with an "Opportunity for All" OFA-registered production service company to serve as the production co-ordinator for live-action projects, and in the case of post-production, an OFA-registered VFX/animation/post establishment.

Official guidelines can be found here

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